Pain and inflammation in the foot?​

Correction of hallux valgus

Thanks to a minimally invasive intervention with Dr. Vanni Strigelli’s Rapid Recovery approach, you eliminate the blemish and quickly return to walking without pain… even with heels.

When hallux valgus affects well-being

The aesthetic impact

Hallux valgus is a widespread condition, especially in women, which causes pain and discomfort and has a strong aesthetic impact.

This is a deviation of the big toe towards the other toes, which creates a visible and often embarrassing deformation. The consequence? It significantly influences lifestyle, the choice of shoes to wear and has negative effects on self-esteem.

It’s not right to give up wearing the shoes you love or feel uncomfortable in situations that require you to show your feet.

A growing pain

The importance of timely intervention

Hallux valgus is not just an aesthetic problem. If neglected, it can progress to the point of causing very intense and persistent pain, torture with certain types of shoes, and affecting general well-being.

The deviation of the big toe, in fact, puts pressure on the structures of the foot, leading to chronic inflammation that becomes debilitating over time. Pain can even alter the way you walk, with knock-on effects on the rest of the body, limiting mobility and quality of life.

It can force you to live with the discomfort and give up on moving. It’s time to rediscover the freedom of having healthy and beautiful feet.

Conservative therapies

A multifactorial approach to managing symptoms

To correct hallux valgus there are different treatment options, starting with conservative therapies, always personalized according to your case and your needs.

These include physical therapies, such asphysiotherapy, exercises, massage, cryotherapy. Then there are orthopedic shoes and insoles which, if well designed, can relieve pain and delay the progression of the deformity…And cortisone or hyaluronic acid infiltrations…

A change in habits is also important to manage the symptoms and delay the progression of the disease: the objective is to improve the quality of life and reduce pain as much as possible. as long as possible.

Correction with Rapid Recovery

The definitive solution to cure hallux valgus

When conservative therapies are unable to control the symptoms or the deformity is advanced, surgical intervention is the only solution that permanently corrects the hallux valgus and makes you return to daily habits.

To achieve this result, I use the Rapid Recovery method, a multidisciplinary approach that involves multiple professionals and a series of procedures that make the entire process more streamlined, simpler and minimally invasive.

Through this approach it is possible to correct the defect and allow you to return to daily habits without pain. The first visit becomes fundamental for choosing the best route.

The advantages of Rapid Recovery

Without Rapid Recovery

With Rapid Recovery

Pain during and after surgery Less pain, both during and after the operation
Possible blood transfusion Less bleeding
Evident swelling Less swelling
Hospitalization longer than 5-8 days Short hospitalization of 3-5 days
Evident scar Shortest incision possible
Stitches No stitches, but glue
Less autonomy Greater autonomy
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Le parole dei miei pazienti

Kind, courteous, helpful doctor

I was visited by Dr. Strigelli for hallux valgus. Very kind, courteous, helpful doctor, careful to provide all explanations clearly. I highly recommend it.
Sara Benericetti

I thank Dr. Strigelli for his excellent professionalism

I am a patient of Dr. Strigelli. Being aware of his surgical skills and experience, I wanted to make an initial visit for a problem of hallux valgus and hammertoe. After the visit with the doctor, where he was courteous and kind in providing all the information clearly, I entrusted myself to him, after some visits made in Sicily. Operation successful to date, recovery. I thank the Doctor. Strigelli for the excellent professionalism. I was very satisfied.
Maria Firicano

Very satisfied

I had hallux valgus surgery last Wednesday and I must say that I am very satisfied with both Doctor Strigelli, who is very professional and competent, and with all the staff.
Daniela Velani

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I will help you understand how to solve your problem

Minimally invasive or percutaneous correction of hallux valgus is a surgical technique that involves the creation of 2 or 3 micro (point) incisions to perform corrective osteotomies without making incisions. This leads to a reduction in post-operative pain, bleeding and swelling and allows for rapid recovery from surgery.

When the problem is mild or moderate, no means of synthesis are necessary (such as plates, screws or metal wires) but only a bandage and a shoe with a flat sole. In cases of severe valgus, a means of synthesis will be used and sometimes percutaneous intervention may not be possible.

In cases where it is not possible to operate in a minimally invasive manner, there are numerous other valid surgical techniques, in which a special shoe will be used post-operatively. Crutches are not normally necessary if there are no balance problems.

Waiting times for surgeries vary.

Privately or with health insurance it is about two weeks.

With the S.S.N. waiting times may become longer for various operational reasons.

Recovery times thanks to the Rapid Recovery approach are much faster.
Patients can get up immediately after the operation, they have less discomfort and pain and within a month at most they can walk again in any type of shoe, including high-heeled ones.
In any case, for a correct evaluation of the specific case I answer this and many other questions during the first visit and as the treatment progresses.

In most cases, especially if you book the first visit when the situation is not yet serious, it is possible to operate without incisions and plates.
For this reason it is essential to contact an expert already in the phase in which the problem and the pain are still in their initial or mild phase.
During the visit, as a specialized orthopedist, I can carefully analyze your situation and recommend the best treatment.